Level II - Three-Pillars Therapy and Ideal Parent Figure (IPF) Masterclass

This online course will include:

    1. Welcome from your Instructor

    2. Level II Module I: Three Pillars - A Therapy of Collaboration

    3. Level II Module I - Continued

    4. Relational Healing - A Paper from David Elliott

    5. Powerpoint- A Therapy of Collaboration

    6. IPF Demonstration - Going Through All 5 Qualities

    7. First Assignment - Journal Entry #1

    1. 2nd Pillar - Metacognition, Mentalizing, & Reflective Functioning

    2. Level II Module II - Metacognition, Mentalizing, & Reflective Functioning

    3. On the Origins of Reflective Functioning

    4. Reflective Functioning Manual

    5. 2nd Assignment - Journal Entry #2

    1. Presentation on Play

    2. The Importance of Play

    3. Play Demonstration

    1. Activations and Restructuring Old IWMs

    2. All About Activations with Demonstration

    3. Activations Demonstration

    1. Final Exam

About this course

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  • 19 lessons
  • 4.5 hours of video content
  • Developed by Brown and Elliot (2016) the Three Pillars model for healing attachment disturbances in adults has become quite popular amongst clinicians. This model was intended to offer a comprehensive way to resolve the structural core of attachment insecurity by restructuring and re-mapping the internal working model of attachment in clients using imagined ideal parent figures, guided by the five conditions that create secure attachment (now the 3rd pillar). Often by this process alone, the client begins strengthening several developmental capacities that were impeded by the insecure upbringing (Elliot, 2021). Two specific capacities that are often not nurtured in children with insecure attachment styles are the development of metacognitive capacity (2nd pillar) and enhancing collaborative abilities (1st pillar). This course will explain the theory and practice of Three Pillars therapy and IPF using videos, powerpoint presentations, articles, and supplemental readings and exercises.